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D&D Outdoor Retreat hosts Dad and Me Retreats to give children and their father's time to bond and truly experience the great outdoors. This is an opportunity to disconnect from everyday distractions, technology, and a forever growing to-do list. Engaging in conversation around a campfire, learning life skills, and most importantly, creating a bond while camping. 


  • All meals are provided.

  • Fishing and learn to clean your catch.

  • Kayak and pedal boat.

  • Gun safety and target practice at our outdoor shooting range.

  • Archery Skills

  • Bonding during meaningful campfire conversations.


  • Full size bedroom located in a shared 4 bedroom house.

  • King bed bunkhouse

  • 2 twin bed bunkhouse

  • Plenty of tent spaces


Jason C.

My son and I stayed at D&D Outdoor Retreat this October and had a blast for one of the father and son getaways. Lots of activities and a lake to enjoy. Definitely recommended if you want to get outdoors for a week/weekend.

James C.

I'm a city guy so any time I get the opportunity to come to the country I love it. This retreat gave me an opportunity to show my son at at young age something different than what I'm used to. From the meet and greet, to fishing, to the accommodations, everything was top tier. I'm grateful I was able to attend and can't wait to come back.


From my experience at Dad and Son retreat, I was rather impressed how everything was perfectly setup. There were plenty of activities for both dads and sons, and there was more than enough food to go around. I most definitely can't wait to attend the next retreat.

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